The Process

process-header-200The McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation wants to change the way cancer is viewed. Instead of fear, it will provide Education, Empowerment and Hope so that someday cancer will be viewed no differently than the common cold. It is the Foundation’s desire to teach individuals that if they created their bodies to be out of balance, then they can also restore their bodies, by giving the body what it needs, and end their dys-ease.

The McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation strives to empower each individual to make the best decision for the kind of treatment they prefer.

This portion of the McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation is still under development.

We are diligently working on securing funding and other resources to empower our visitors on their journey in Holistic Healing. Please visit this page soon for more information on the support systems we plan to make available to those in need.